When do you require a Spine Surgery?

Nowadays, many people experience back pain. Most of you would have faced situations where your doctor might have suggested you to do some lifestyle changes like doing regular exercises or giving movements to your extremities and back for your back pain.

Sometimes, accidents and injuries might have been the reason for your back pain. An article from Times of India states that pain in the extreme low points is due to social factors like stress, hormonal imbalance, the posture we sit for long hours- more so linking it to lifestyle problems. In some cases, indigestion also becomes the reason for low back pain. It also states that the lower back pain has suddenly turned up as an epidemic with statistics showing that 80% of people suffer from the problem once in their life without even realizing it. 

There are anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapies, alternative treatments like Ayurveda, and other traditional treatments for your back pain. Physical therapies, aromatic therapies, and exercising give the required relaxation and mobility, thereby offering pain relief.

When you are suffering from back pain, you will be recommended with such non-surgical treatments initially. Once these treatments fail to give relief and you are still suffering from severe back pain, then you might be asked to consult a surgeon for diagnosis to decide on whether you require a surgical treatment.

Let’s explore more about the conditions, risks, and details about recovery after spine surgery.

Conditions requiring spine surgery

Spine surgeon considers a patient for spine surgery when the patient suffers from spine tumors, spine infections, deformities in the spine (such as scoliosis), etc. Proper diagnosis is required before opting for spine surgeries.

Spine surgeries can be open spine surgeries or minimally invasive, depending upon the requirement as decided by the surgeon. Minimally invasive procedures involve lesser risk compared to the open ones. Today, Robotic Spine Surgeries bring about greater precision during the surgeries.

There are different types of back surgeries done for different conditions as well. Diskectomy, spinal fusion, and artificial disks are some of the popular spine surgeries done.

Spine surgeries are offered at international standards in destinations like India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, and Dubai at affordable prices. Platforms like Medditour can connect you to renowned hospitals across these countries for making your spine surgeries done successfully.

Risks and Recovery associated with spine surgery

Since spine surgeries are done in the areas very close to the nervous system, risk associated with it is also high. Complications in spine surgeries might lead to paralysis, blood clots, infections, etc. Even in cases of successful spine surgeries, the journey towards recovery after the surgeries is painful. Rehabilitation and support, physical therapies, etc. might help in faster recovery.

How successful is a spine surgery?

Most of the spine surgeries are performed due to the pain experienced by the patient. So, the success of the surgery depends on how much relief you get in the pain experienced.

With medical advancements and facilities, success rates for spine surgeries have gone up. Since the risks are higher, it is better to get second opinion before opting for spine surgeries. Nowadays, it is possible to get affordable spine surgeries with quality treatments at international destinations through medical tourism.

Getting a second opinion is possible through online medical tourism platforms like Medditour. They also process visa and provide estimates online quickly. This makes the journey towards recovery easier and safer. You can also get medical tour packages with comfortable stay at your budget. There is an option to plan for combining your vacation after recovery.

India has been one of the top sought out destinations for medical tourism due to the affordability and lesser waiting time with international treatments that it offers. India has been trying to keep up this trend since long and it grows day-by-day with the emerging medical tourism trends. A Canadian, Doug Antoniak who returned from India after a successful spine surgery, said “I would recommend India to anyone in a heart-beat. Indian doctors have changed my life for the better.” This has been published in The New Indian Express.

You can spend time after your recovery along with your family to relax yourself after the surgery at international destinations like India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, etc. You can also plan for alternative therapies like spa, yoga, and meditation to keep yourself away from the pain experienced during the surgery and rehab. This could help you come back to normal very soon.

To conclude, spine surgeries require exclusive treatment plans for every individual. So, it is better that we seek the specialist opinion for customized spine surgery treatment plans based on the evaluations done by the surgeon.

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