Tips on How to Live Right with a Pacemaker

Heart health is very vital for leading a healthy and long life. As we all know, heart is the organ taking care of purifying our blood and supplying oxygen and pumping pure blood throughout our body. Is it possible for us to care for our heart? Yes, absolutely possible. Dr. Michael Emery, a sports cardiologist, in The New York Times , says that exercise is a magic pill to protect heart health. If you follow a healthy lifestyle, it is possible to lower your risk of getting a heart disease.

But, if you are facing challenges in your heart health, it is still possible today to lead a happy life. Healthcare has advanced to the extent of having an artificial pacemaker implant so that you might recover and lead a normal life even after getting a heart disease.

Most of you might wonder about what is a pacemaker. Artificial pacemaker is a miracle in healthcare industry, which helps your heart, beat in rhythm. In simple words, this prevents your heart in beating slowly. These computerized devices play a vital role in helping you live a normal life.

Getting adapted to live with a pacemaker

In general, with the advancements in medical field, it is possible to live a very normal life after your pacemaker implantation surgery. But, it is necessary that you follow the instructions of your doctor and take certain precautions while you start living with a pacemaker implanted. Here are a few tips for you to take a glimpse.


Take all your prescribed medicines regularly to lead an overall healthy life. When a pacemaker implant has been done, the doctor would have regulated the same, based on your health conditions. So, the medicines are required to keep your pacemaker in pace with your overall health.

Safeguard your pacemaker

Since pacemaker is a small device, give it a protection against rough contacts like balls, rough cloth, etc. Similarly, it is important to see that you are not under the influence of MRI machines, radar machines, prolonged usage of metal detectors, etc. which create high voltages or magnetic fields.

Precautions for treatment

When you are required to take any radiation therapies or undergo specific dental procedures requiring precautionary measures, it is better to consult your cardiologist before taking any such specific treatment. This would help you safeguard your pacemaker function.

Exposure to electric appliances and phones

Exposure to high voltage is not advisory with pacemaker implanted. So, it would not be safe for you to get exposed to electric lines or substations. But, it would be safer when it comes to handling home electric appliances with pacemaker implanted. Smart phones are also safe to use, until you keep it very near to your pacemaker area.

Be safe during emergencies

Always have a pacemaker ID card or bracelet, which is an indicator that you are provided with a pacemaker. This will help you during emergencies, where you might not be able to tell your health conditions by yourself. Instead, the healthcare provider who treats you will be able to notice that you already have a pacemaker implant.

Regular follow-ups

Having done with the pacemaker implant, it becomes essential to have regular follow-ups with the doctor either in person or from remote, depending upon your doctor’s advice.

Today pacemaker treatments are costlier in western countries compared to other countries due to the location for treatment, cost of surgery, after care, etc. Countries like India, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore are able to provide the pacemaker insertion surgeries at an affordable pricing. Moreover, they also possess world-class facilities and well-trained doctors to meet out the growing demands, which is evident from the article on pacemaker implant successfully done for a 20-day infant in India, as stated in India Today.

At this juncture, there might be a question in your mind that will you be able to avail the affordable treatment available for pacemaker implants? Yes, it is absolutely possible. Digital platforms like Medditour make it possible through medical tourism. They connect you to world-class hospitals and facilitators. You can take up your health checkups from your cardiologists, online. Based on your requirement and health conditions, you will be provided invites for your medical tourism, wherein you can get your procedures done at world-class medical facilities an affordable pricing, based on the destination selected. Get ready for a happy medical tour.

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