Redefine your eye care to enhance vision

Our eye is one among the important parts of our body. Our brain functions in such a way that it coordinates with other parts of the body and helps in functioning in an organized manner. Eyes help our brain to recognize and understand things around us.

Our body parts are likely to weaken with age. Even our eyes get older and vision problems and eye diseases are common as we get older. We can definitely reduce the risk of such problems when we take necessary steps to safeguard our eyes.

Let’s discuss about eye care in detail here.

Tips for keeping your eyes healthy

It is rightly said in one of the articles from Hindustan Times that taking care of eyes doesn’t really help maintaining our eye health. It really happens with taking care of our overall health and lifestyle. But, when we have specific eye problems, we might require proper diagnosis and treatments.

Since such treatments are not affordable in western countries, medical tourism platforms have been sought by many international patients. Platforms like Medditour help such patients in connecting them to world-class medical facilities and facilitators to provide proper medical care and attention to safeguard their eyes.

At this juncture, certain tips might make sense in discussing in order to keep our eyes healthy.

Balanced diet

A healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals are good to take to keep our eyes healthy. Leafy vegetables, nuts, oranges and other citrus fruits rich in Vitamin C, egg, and pork are good for eyes. Fibre-rich diet helps reducing the obesity, thereby lowering the risk of diabetes, which otherwise might have been the reason for vision loss.

Healthy habits

Smoking causes age-related eye problems like cataract and blurred vision. So it is necessary that you quit smoking. Generally, we rub our eyes with our hands. So, it is important that we take good care to wash our hands frequently and keep it clean. This will prevent bacteria and other organisms from getting inside our eyes.

Water intake

Water and fluid intake like fresh fruit juices are important in taking care of your health, especially in preventing your body from dehydrating. Do you know fluid intake helps in eye care? Yes, drinking lot of water helps in preventing your eyes from drying and causing irritation.

In spite of taking a good care, it is also advisable to visit your ophthalmologist to have a routine check-up. Moreover, it is important to visit when you sense any problem in the eyes.

Eye problems and treatment

With age, we get several vision related problems. So, it is important to know about the diseases in eyes and about their treatments.


These are the very common problems seen in adults due to aging. Cataracts cause blurring vision due to the cloud-like areas formed in front of the eye lens. Most of us do not even realize that we have cataract in our eyes, until we get a blurred vision. Cataracts are cured through laser surgeries. These are the very common ones and safe procedures too. Moreover, laser surgeries bring about precision compared to the traditional surgeries as mentioned in one of the articles on laser vs Traditional Cataract Surgery in 2022 in NVISION.

Having diagnosed with cataract, platforms like Medditour might be useful to you in connecting you to the latest treatments at international hospitals so that you have clearer vision.

Dry Eyes

Our eyes produce tears which keep our eyes soothing. But, dry eyes are the ones caused when our eyes reduce the production of tears. This causes irritation in our eyes. It might even cause vision loss in serious conditions. Dry eye require proper treatment which might range between eye drops and surgeries in worst cases.

Watery Eyes

Tearing or watery eyes is an eye problem caused due to temperature changes or climatic conditions. Wearing sun glasses might help reduce watery eyes caused due to temperature and climatic changes. Sometimes tearing might be due to eye dryness or infections as well. Treatments for eye dryness and infections might help it.

In spite of these, there are some major eye problems like glaucoma and diabetes related retinopathy. Glaucoma is due to the high blood pressure in eyes, which is treated through eye drops and surgeries, if required. Diabetes related retinopathy is mainly caused due to diabetes and treated using laser treatments. Both of these eye problems might even cause vision loss, if not treated.

If you have such problems, today, it is possible to get the support of digital platforms like Medditour to enable you to get world-class medical treatment at your destination, within your budget.

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