Post Liver Transplant – Dos and Don’ts

Liver failure is one of the major reasons for liver transplants happening. Liver cancer and liver diseases might require liver transplantations. There are medications and treatments for such problems. But, when all the treatments fail, liver transplantation could be the only option left, which requires lot of care to be taken post transplant.

Success rates are quite high these days in liver transplant surgeries due the availability of international standards of treatments, infrastructure, and world-class surgeons. Platforms like Medditour help us in connecting the international hospitals and facilitators with us to make it happen. Though the surgery is successful, it is important to follow certain instructions given by the surgeons as liver transplant requires certain recovery time during which, we are prone to infections and diseases.

Let’s find out the best practices to follow and the practices to be avoided to lead a healthy and successful life after a liver transplant.

Dos and Don’ts – Post Liver Transplant

Healthy and hygienic practices are not only good for liver, but, also for our mind and body. Especially after the transplants, it is significant to have healthy food and follow healthy habits to have a long-term active life.

Infection-free Surroundings

Once you are out of the surgery, you will be provided with a rehab support initially. After rehabilitation, it is better to take care that you have a proper ventilated room and clean surroundings to reside. It is better to avoid going to crowded places for at least a few months, after which masks can be used when you go to crowded places.

British Liver Trust says that liver transplant is a major operation and it requires lot of commitment towards your health after the operation.

Infection prone areas must also be avoided until you fully recover. Things that you use like towels, kerchiefs, bags, etc. must be clean. Personal hygiene should also be maintained. Chemical free zones, pollution-free zones, and pet-free zones can be helpful in supporting the active lifestyle of liver transplant patients.

Nutritious Diet

Food you eat after the surgery should be hygienic and safe. Junk foods and unpacked foods prone to infection are to be avoided. Oily foods like deeply fried foods and snacks can also be injurious to health.

Alcohol and smoking are highly dangerous to the new liver that has been transplanted. Tobacco is also dangerous. All these unhealthy habits are to be avoided in order to keep your liver transplant successful. Apollo Hospitals also emphasizes that healthy diet, exercise, and not taking alcohol are the ways to take care of your liver after leaving the hospital.


Active lifestyle with mild walking and jogging may help you keep fit. Having an active lifestyle post liver transplants are advisable. At the same time, heavy jogging, weight lifting, trekking, and other heavy exercises might cause damage to liver. It is better to take the advice of your surgeon on what exercises are to be followed in order to keep your liver transplant outcome for a long time.

Post-Surgery Consultations

Regular follow-ups, consultations, and medications are essential for complete cure. It is important to take care of the wounds until they get completely cured post surgery. Diabetes, cholesterol, and blood pressure levels are to be monitored and taken care for a few months after the transplant as there might be variations initially after the surgery.

Recovery – Post Liver Transplant

It is possible to get back to normal routine after complete recovery from the wounds and sufferings post liver transplant. When nutritious diet, exercising, personal hygiene, healthy surroundings, and follow-ups are taken care, you can very well go about with your job routine in around 3 months time.

World-class liver transplants and state-of-art infrastructure in international destinations like India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, and Dubai can offer the maximum relief as you can always afford to spend your post-surgery recovery period as a vacation combined with rehab. This can help you relieve you from your post-surgery stress easily. Companies like Medditour can make this happen by connecting you to affordable international treatments at global hospitals.

To conclude, a liver transplant can be a better solution for an acute liver disease, when there is no other solution that can cure it. It can also last longer once you take the necessary care.

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