Losing Weight is Not a Magic – Just Do it

Today, obesity is a common condition seen in several people and has become a common concern in many developed and developing nations. Obesity is not at all a concern of our external look, but it is one of the important conditions, which leads to several health issues. So, it becomes significant for us to focus on our body weight to stay healthy.

Having understood the significance of keeping fit, let’s throw light on how to stay fit or lose excess weight.

What causes obesity?

Many of us prefer to stay fit. But, it doesn’t happen. At the same time, how do some people manage to stay fit amidst their busy schedules? Let’s explore.


Eating patterns and food that we take play a vital role in keeping us fit. It is good to eat vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and low-fat food to keep our fat under control. Fat-free dairy products and food items help us reduce our obesity. Junk food and beverages with high sugar content add to your weight gain. So, it is good to avoid these food items to keep our weight under control. Healthline talks something about mindful eating, which states that we have to be aware of what we are eating, otherwise we would land up in obesity. It is quite true.

Sports and exercises

Sports, exercises, walking, jogging, and other physical activities help us burn our calories and stay fit. They also help us learn qualities like team spirit and self-confidence.


If we do not get sufficient amount of sleep, our digestive system is likely to get affected. This leads to lot of health problems including weight gain. Moreover, we require at least 8 hours of good sleep to relax our body and mind and get back to work the next day. Otherwise, the first thing that gets affected is our concentration, which will not bring about the required perfection in our work.

It has been clearly stated in one of the articles from Sleep Foundation that when sleep or quality of sleep decreases, it has an impact on increasing the BMI, which automatically induces weight gain.

Obesity and health problems


In spite of food, physical activities, and sleep, there are people with conditions like hypothyroidism and polycystic ovarian syndrome who are likely to become obese, when not treated properly.

When you do not go in the right path, obesity is likely to cause health problems like diabetes, heart problems, and even cancers in certain cases. Stress, depression, hormonal problems, disturbance in metabolism, and mood swings are some of the common problems that occur with weight gain. If not taken care, they are likely to lead to dreadful health conditions.

Companies like Medditour provide opportunities for us to combine our weight loss treatment with our vacation by taking our weight loss treatments at international destinations.

Is bariatric surgery a solution to obesity problems?

Bariatric surgery is not a general solution to all your obesity problems. It is not recommended for all those who prefer to lose weight. You can go for diet and routine plans to normalize your weight.

Bariatric surgeries are recommended to those who are unable to reduce their weight through such diet and routine plans and these surgeries are required to avoid health conditions like heart diseases and stroke that pose life threat. Also, as stated in an article in Fortis Malar Hospitals, people who qualify for weight loss should have a minimum BMI of 30.

Bariatric surgeries focus on digestive system of your body to bring in weight loss. They target on the way the digestive system works to adjust the intake so that weight loss happens. These surgeries are major ones and require proper diet and routine plans to be followed even after the surgery, as they are likely to give side effects and risks.

Bariatric surgeries are costlier in US and European countries compared to countries like India and Thailand. Medical tourism has now paved way for overcoming such problems. India is becoming popular for bariatric surgeries and people from various countries are heading towards India for their weight loss treatment.

A major reason for people to choose medical tourism is that the people are able to get the procedures done at world-class hospitals in the state-of-art facilities at nominal pricing.

Countries like India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, and Turkey possess internationally accredited hospitals with internationally trained doctors who serve humanity with care at affordable pricing.

Medical tourism platforms like Medditour connect you to international hospitals and facilitators to help you get cost-effective medical solutions for your obesity and other health problems. Combine it with your vacation to make your medical tour more effective.

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