Kidney Stones – Symptoms, Risks and Treatments         

We know that unwanted salts and wastes are removed by our kidneys. Sometimes, the salts form crystals and stay in the kidneys without getting removed. They accumulate to form kidney stones. Kidney stones vary in their sizes and they block the urine.

Kidney stones are likely to cause infections and kidney diseases. It might also go to the extent of renal failure. Proper treatments are to be provided to remove kidney stones.            

Let’s try understanding about the symptoms, risks, and treatments for kidney stones here.

Causes and symptoms of having kidney stones

Kidney stones are formed when you do not drink plenty of water. Drinking water will help in breaking the kidney stones. Kidney stone might also form when you consume lot of protein and salts in our diet or when we are obese. There are other problems like consuming lot of medicines, side-effects of certain illnesses, etc. which can also be the reasons for kidney stones.

When you have bigger kidney stones, you might feel some pain in your lower belly or while urinating. You might also notice blood in the urine, which is one of the symptoms that show that there might be kidney stones. Urine infections and fever are also indications or warning signs of kidney stones.

Nowadays x-rays, ultrasounds, and CT scans are used to diagnose the presence of kidney stones, so that proper treatments can be given.

Risks associated with kidney stones

Larger kidney stones are to be taken seriously as they might even create kidney failure. In such cases, patients need to consult the doctor immediately for treatment.

When there is a persistent problem of kidney stones, the patient is likely to develop renal cell carcinoma. So, it becomes significant to take a good care to treat kidney stones to avoid the problem of developing kidney cancer.

There are other complications like Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) that might arise due to kidney stones. These are some of the serious risks associated with kidney stones.

All these risks can end up in renal failure. So, it is good that we get the kidney stones treated immediately as and when they are diagnosed. Platforms like Medditour help us connecting with the international hospitals and facilitators to obtain world-class treatments at affordable prices.

India, being one of the top destinations for medical tourism as mentioned by Hindustan Times , always focuses on continuous improvement in quality healthcare. So it could be one of the best choices for getting yourself treated for kidney stones.

Treatments for Kidney Stones

When the kidney stones are too small, the patient is advised to take lot of fluids, so that the stones automatically pass through as urine. It is necessary to take the advice of the doctor about the medications required. Whereas, when the stones are large, there are other special treatments done to remove the kidney stones. These include,

  • Lithotripsy: Large kidney stones are broken into smaller ones so as let them pass through urine.
  • Ureteroscopy: This procedure is one of the technologies where a tube is sent through the ureter to get the stone out or break it into small ones, depending upon the doctor’s decision. Once the stone is broken, it easily comes out through urine.
  • Surgery: Some patients might require surgeries for kidney stones. It is possible to remove kidney stones through surgeries just in an hour, which has been recently mentioned in India Today.

Today, medical tourism companies like Medditour help the patients in getting their visas processed online and medical estimates and support them in getting them treated immediately without any waiting time at international destinations like India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Dubai, and Turkey.

To conclude, medical tourism could be your way to organize your treatment cum vacation at affordable prices at international destinations so that you can come out of your medical problems and stress due to the treatment.

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