Joint Pain – Symptoms and Treatments

Joint pain is a common complaint which we hear these days. Though age is a factor for joint pain, there are other reasons too. Moreover, it is not only the old age men and women suffer due to arthritis, but even the adults in middle age suffer due to such pain.

Arthritis might cause pain and / or discomfort in the knee, shoulder, hip, wrist, leg or spine. Many people have symptoms of severe pain in the mornings, as soon as they get up from bed and the pain eases with mobility and time. At the same time, there are people who have lost their body flexibility and mobility due to joint pains.

There are treatments starting from home remedies to orthopedic surgeries for joint pains.

Let’s try to explore more in detail about the reasons for joint pains and treatments that could help resolve the discomfort caused.

Reasons for Joint Pain

Joint pain is commonly rising these days. It has become a very common problem with age. Especially, most of us have knee pain. Sometimes, due to over usage of muscles, some of us might have shoulder and hip pain too.

If we have had any injuries to any of the joints, we are likely to get joint pain often. Apart from injuries, medical conditions like osteoarthritis, cancer, strains, sprains, and obesity might also be the reasons for joint pain.

Anxiety, stress, depression, and other psychological factors influencing our health might also be the underlying reasons to add up to the joint pain that we have. It is quite obvious from the article from Web MD which says that stress releases chemicals that can trigger pain and inflammation and can add up to the arthritis.

Simple Home Remedies for Joint Pain

When we have mild pain in our joints, we can always rely on home remedies, which might bring in pain relief instantly.

Fiber Rich Diet

Fiber rich diet helps reducing obesity. Obesity is one of the reasons for our body to lose its flexibility. It also helps keeping up a balance in microbes in our digestive tract, reducing the inflammation in the body. All these will help in reducing the stress to our joints.


Regular exercises and walking not only help in reducing obesity and lifestyle problems, but also gives flexibility and strength to our bones and joints. Yoga and aerobics can also help us in treating joint pains.

Heat and Cold Therapies

Doctors suggest heat or cold therapies to be applied for certain duration on the affected joints. Healthline, in one of the articles published says that though it doesn’t bring about complete cure, heat and cold therapies can help managing symptoms. Heat pads, bath tubs, and ice packs can be used as recommended by the doctor or therapist.

Simple Medications

There are also options like gel and ointments for joint pains. Such treatments can be used to get instantaneous relief. Simple pain relievers can also be taken as recommended by the physician, if necessary.

Surgical Treatments for Joint Pain

There may be situations when we don’t get any relief from therapies, medications, and home remedies. In such a case, we might opt for surgical options. Platforms like Medditour can help us connect to international hospitals and facilitators to have a complete recovery faster.

Arthroscopy and Joint Replacement procedures are the common surgical treatments taken these days for joint pain. Today, rehabilitation and support facilities are being provided to the extent that the patient can recover and get back to normal life faster.

We can also plan in such a way that we can use the recovery time after the surgery for combining our vacation. This could be the healing time for the physical and psychological discomfort caused. Treatment can be combined with vacation effectively, when we plan our surgery in an international destination like India, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Thailand, and Turkey, which is affordable for our treatment and is completely apt with respect to the infrastructure and technology for the surgery. Companies like Medditour ease this job for us by letting us connect to the suitable treatment facilities and facilitators.

So, if you are the one looking for orthopedic surgery, then this is the right time for you to plan for it. Let’s start the journey of recovery now!

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