AI – Empowering the Future of HealthCare & Other Sectors

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been revolutionizing the world and has started playing a vital role in transforming the society. AI has now become a tool to analyze data, take decisions, and even automate the tasks in certain cases. Thus, with AI you can transform the entire world.

AI finds its own path in every industry, especially in healthcare – ‘A Boon for Humanity.’ So, let’s try to analyze the role of AI in various sectors with a light on healthcare.

Role of AI in Various Industries

Every industry thrives to improve the outcome and reach the ultimate goal. AI has been into supporting every industry, thereby creating a substantial progress in the sector.


AI helps the retail industry in analyzing the behavioral pattern of the customers through their ecommerce platforms and helps them to align with the market trends. This AI powered decision making capability helps the company win the hearts of their customers and the competition in the industry. This could be better understood if we analyze what Intel says about AI. It mentions that AI in the retail industry means better experiences, accurate forecasting, and automated inventory management.

Food and Agriculture

Blended with AI and IoT technologies, food processing and dispensing automation devices have been introduced and put in place in various places. AI has also gained its importance in agriculture in the form of intelligent devices to analyze the soil, heat, etc. favoring the cultivation of crops.


AI applications have impacted the financial sector to a large extent. Robots have been deployed as financial consultants / advisors to automate certain processes like customer care, loan advice, etc. which involve routine processes or sometimes even go to the extent of analyzing the behavioral history to enable decision-making. AI and IoT devices are employed in financial sector these days to primarily focus on improving the security in the banking and finance industry.

Travel and Real Estate

Travel and tourism and real estate industries require extensive customer service to enhance their business as the industry greatly depends on customer experience / satisfaction. AI powered chatbots have been introduced to serve the purpose and are used extensively to enhance the business in these sectors.

Logistics, transportation, entertainment and gaming, and of course, healthcare, and IT sectors are the industries which are also under the great influence of AI powered technology.

Impact of AI on HealthCare

Since healthcare is one of the important sectors where AI has a greater impact, let’s analyze the details of AI’s impact on healthcare deeply.

AI-powered devices are now being extensively used in international hospitals across the world in providing personalized care and attention by analyzing the symptoms. Thus, AI is highly useful in diagnostics, decision-making, and precision medicine.

IoT sensors and virtual assistants are widely used in hospitals to monitor patient health, alerting doctors and nurses about the patients’ health, if required, and guiding the patients during the visit to the hospital. Such virtual assistants and sensors act as life savers in global hospitals.

Dr. Rajendra Patankar in Voices, India, Times of India says in one of his articles on ‘The role of AI in healthcare’ that AI will help individuals take care of their bodies in real-time and significantly alter the life spans of humans beyond 100+ years and the most impactful will be very early detection of a disease before it spreads and becomes dangerous. His words help us in understanding the impact of AI in healthcare in the present and future.

Heading Towards the Future

Since healthcare is a necessity to all and such AI-powered healthcare is available in international / multispecialty hospitals and is costlier too, you might wonder if it is possible for a common man to get treated in these hospitals. In other words, can we make AI powered healthcare available to everyone?

Automation data analytic with 3d rendering ai robot with digital visualization for big data scientist

It is a big ‘YES’ to this question. Medical tourism goes hand-in-hand with AI to make healthcare accessible to all.

When the ultimate AI powered healthcare is available in the international hospitals that too in affordable prices compared to USA, UK, and Europe, do you think it wouldn’t be intelligent to avail these services?

With this idea, companies like Medditour offer digital platforms to connect you to international hospitals and facilitators to heal your health and ease your travel and accommodation during your medical tour. You can have virtual consultations with the international doctors to receive your treatment invite from the hospital through such platforms, for processing visas.

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