Hearing Loss? Know About Cochlear Implants

In general, many of us do not consider hearing loss to be a huge problem. But, it is actually not so. Patients with hearing loss suffer due to the impacts of hearing loss in their life which includes loneliness, being isolated from others, and emotional stress or frustration caused. These impacts may gradually result in depression and other psychological problems.

One of the articles, ‘ What’s to know about deafness and hearing loss?’ from MedicalNewsToday states that in the United States, around 15 percent of people over the age of 18 years report some level of hearing loss. So, it becomes an important aspect where we must pay our attention.

Hearing aids are the ones that the ENT specialists suggest for hearing loss. This helps in amplifying the sounds, thereby helping in overcoming the hearing problems. When the hearing aids don’t solve the problem, then the doctor recommends for a cochlear implant surgery. The cochlear implant acts as a bypass and helps the sound waves reach the nerve cells which pick up the sound thus helping in hearing.

Now, let’s find out who are likely to get cochlear implants, its advantages, and recovery from the surgery.

Who are likely to get cochlear implants done?

In general, when the patient is suffering from hearing loss very recently, then the cochlear implants would work better. Also, people who find that they are not able to hear anything with the hearing aids can opt for cochlear implants.

Today, with the medical advancements, cochlear implants are welcomed even for children with permanent hearing loss. KidsHealth says that cochlear implants can be considered for children with profound hearing loss who can be as young as 9 months old. These implant surgeries are done at earlier stages so that the children can understand about managing with cochlear implants right from the age when they are learning their language skills.

It is always advisable to consult the ENT surgeon before planning for cochlear implant surgery. Platforms like Medditour organize video consultations online with specialists across the globe and help connect with the facilitators. This helps the patients with hearing loss have access to international hospitals and treatments at affordable prices.

Benefits of cochlear implant surgery

Cochlear implants offer several benefits to both adults and children. Adults with severe hearing loss problems, especially, the old age people who feel isolated find it easy to manage socially with cochlear implants. They are able to function independently in their everyday life and perform activities like participating in the conversations and meetings, going to shopping, conversing over phones, etc. They find it safer while driving / traveling. They are able to keep them engaged and entertained.

Hearing losses in children are the most dangerous ones as they find it difficult to communicate and learn things around. Cochlear implants give them the benefit of aiding them in communicating. This helps them in learning things around.

Recovery after cochlear implant surgery

Few patients come across certain medical complications like bleeding, infections, stress, dizziness, balance problems, etc. These complications are common like the risks involved in any other surgeries done.

World-class treatments and international hospitals have raised the standards of medical treatments. Success rates of cochlear implant surgeries have increased to a significant level. Moreover, it is likely to get relieved of the general trauma with ease, when the patient is likely to get the surgery done at international destinations like India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, and Dubai. This helps the patient to get international treatments at affordable rates and also provides an opportunity to enjoy the vacation at the international destination after the surgery. When the patient has no appointments with the surgeon post surgery, they can visit the places in the city. This relieves them from the stress and anxiety and get back to their work after surgery. Vacations also get their energy levels boosted as most of us hardly get some time to spend with our families. Medical tourism companies like Medditour help the patients in getting all these done in a cost-effective manner.

To conclude, impacts of the cochlear implant surgeries differ from person-to-person. So, it is significant to consult your family physician and surgeon before you go ahead with it. Cochlear implants would be more beneficial if follow-ups and consultations are done perfectly as desired.

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