Hair Transplant: A Permanent Solution for Hair Loss

Hair loss is a very common problem seen in men and women these days. Aging is one of the important factors influencing hair loss. Hair loss can even go the extent of baldness. In spite of it, there are men and women who face hair loss problem even at younger ages. This might be due to hereditary reasons for some people. But, in most of the cases, hair loss is primarily due to unhealthy lifestyle and stress/depression.

Nutrition rich diet is necessary for hair growth and maintenance. Many of us follow an unhealthy lifestyle which includes eating junk foods that gives a negative impact on hair growth. In some people, changes in climate, pollution, hormonal changes, infections in the skin, medications, and lack of immunity might also be the reasons for hair fall.

Common problems faced due to hair loss

Hair loss creates a stress and lack of confidence. Many of us even go to the extent feeling embarrassed to face people in public. This can even lead to depression related diseases in long run. So, it becomes necessary to bring back the lost courage for most of the men and women facing this problem.

Hair oils and medications were prescribed for hair growth initially, but in vain. Wigs which were popular until recently gave little relief. So the problems created due to hair loss remained unchanged.

What’s Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is a popular treatment these days for hair re-growth. It gives hair growth in the areas of baldness. The hair follicles from the donor are surgically implanted in the bald portion of the patient’s head. This method gives way to natural hair growth gradually.

Head injuries and diseases might also be the reasons for baldness in certain patients, which can also be treated using hair transplants. Hair transplant surgeries are safe and the platforms like Medditour help the patients who are suffering from hair loss to connect to international hospitals and facilitators to get their treatment done.

Few Benefits of Hair Transplants

We might wonder about why to opt for hair transplant surgeries, when we have other options like medications and wigs that could be the non-surgical options for hair transplantation surgeries. But, hair transplant has become popular due to certain advantages that it is likely to offer. Let’s explore.

According to an article in Healthline, the results are long-lasting and are considered to be permanent. Thus, when we have baldness or severe hair loss in a particular area, hair transplantation would be the best solution.


Hair transplant surgery doesn’t involve any chemical treatment. It just favors natural hair growth by implanting the donor’s hair follicles in the bald areas of the patient’s head. Moreover, the process is very safe and secure and does not involve any risk to the patient. The hair transplant also ensures to give a permanent solution to the problem.

Restores peace and harmony

When we are suffering from hair loss, we would have lost the confidence to face the world. The hair transplantation treatment would hopefully restore the happiness lost.

Cost-effective Solution

Cost involved in the hair transplant is not much heavier and it provides a permanent solution to your baldness. You need not have to spend again and again for the same problem. This doesn’t happen with medications and other therapies.

With all these benefits, it is possible enjoy the holidays in an international destination and combine the hair restoration procedure during vacation. We can plan for hair transplant at affordable prices in an international destination like India, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Thailand, and Turkey. Platforms like Medditour can help us in combining our vacation with hair loss treatment.

Inclination towards hair restoration treatments is increasing these days. Times of India mentions that the the reason behind the growing popularity of hair restoration treatment is its success rate.

Nowadays many people prefer hair transplant to be the best option as wigs and medications do not offer permanent solutions and have side effects like allergies. Hair transplant gives a natural way of approaching the hair loss problem and a solution that gives lot of pleasure, which should never be missed.

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