Cerclage: Strengthening the Cervix for a Healthy Pregnancy

Cerclage is a surgical procedure commonly performed during pregnancy to reinforce the cervix and reduce the risk of premature birth. American Pregnancy Association states that the procedure is successful in 85% to 90% of cases.

Companies like Medditour connect the pregnant mothers who seek cerclage treatment with the international hospitals and facilitators for affordable treatments.

 This article aims to provide an overview of cerclage, including its causes, diagnosis, and treatment options and it will explore on how medical tourism in India, Thailand, and Turkey help in it.

Cerclage: a glimpse

Cerclage involves placing a stitch or sutures around the cervix to provide support and prevent it from dilating too early in pregnancy. The cervix plays a crucial role in maintaining the pregnancy by remaining closed until the baby is ready to be delivered. However, certain conditions can weaken or shorten the cervix, leading to the risk of preterm labor and potential complications for both the mother and the baby.

Cervical insufficiency, or an incompetent cervix, is the primary reason for undergoing cerclage. The causes include,

  • Previous cervical trauma or surgery

  • Uterine abnormalities

  • Genetic factors

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Infections affecting the cervix

Some common diagnostic methods include,

  • Transvaginal ultrasound: This imaging technique assesses the length and thickness of the cervix.

  • Cervical measurement: Regular monitoring of the cervix length via ultrasound throughout pregnancy can help detect any changes.

Cerclage can be performed via different techniques, depending on the patient’s condition and healthcare provider’s preference:

  • McDonald cerclage: This is the most common technique, where a non-absorbable suture is placed around the cervix and tightened to provide support.

  • Shirodkar cerclage: This technique involves placing a non-absorbable suture around the cervix and also incorporates a small flap of the cervix to further reinforce it.

  • Transabdominal cerclage: This procedure involves placing a cerclage stitch around the cervix through an abdominal incision, providing additional support.

Cleveland Clinic states that the cerclage will stay in place until your pregnancy reaches full term or about the 37th week of pregnancy.

Medical Tourism in Cerclage Procedures

India, Thailand, and Turkey have emerged as prominent medical tourism destinations due to their advanced healthcare infrastructure and skilled medical professionals.

Known for its world-class medical facilities, India offers a range of affordable cerclage procedures. Renowned hospitals such as Apollo Hospitals, Fortis Healthcare, and Manipal Hospitals provide specialized obstetric and gynecological care, including cerclage surgeries.

Thailand is a popular destination for medical tourism, offering excellent healthcare services and renowned fertility clinics. Facilities such as Bumrungrad International Hospital and Samitivej Hospital provide cerclage procedures performed by experienced specialists.

With its reputation for exceptional medical services, Turkey has become a sought-after destination for medical tourists seeking cerclage procedures. Leading hospitals such as Acibadem Healthcare Group and Memorial Healthcare Group offer specialized obstetric and gynecological care.

Companies like Medditour provide opportunities for women requiring cerclage procedures to combine their treatment plans with vacation at these exotic locations, so that they can relax and get relieved from the stress that they have. Any emergencies can be handled via online consultations / treatments in home country followed by medical tourism support, as required.

In conclusion, cerclage plays a vital role in reducing the risk of premature birth in women diagnosed with cervical insufficiency. Medical tourism in countries like India, Thailand, and Turkey provides access to high-quality cerclage procedures at affordable costs, offering a combination of specialized medical expertise and state-of-the-art facilities.

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