Alternative Medicine – Treatments and Benefits

In general, most of us rely on the standard medicinal practices based on scientific researches, diagnosis, and precision. Any medicinal practices that do not come within the limits of the standard medicine are called alternative medicine.

We cannot definitely say that the alternative medicines are not conventional methods of treatments as some of them are widespread in certain parts of the world and the people in that region follow them for hundreds and thousands of years. They might offer a good healing. But, they are not widely accepted as they might not provide the scientific evidence required for recognition.

Let’s try understanding deeply about alternative medicine, its treatments, and benefits here.

Various Alternative Treatments

Food and herbs form the basis for certain nutrition based alternative treatments like Ayurveda and herbal treatment. Mind and body treatments include treatments like yoga and dance therapies. Certain therapies like Acupuncture and massage therapies involve physical methods of treatment. Meditation follows a physiological approach. Such therapies have been successful in treating joint pains, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, hypertension, diabetes, etc.

 Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurveda is being followed as a traditional medicinal practice for more than 1000 years in India. Specific diet regulation, herbs, and herbal oils for messages are used in the treatments. It is said that the roots of Ayurveda were written by sages in the past.

Ayurvedic medicines are widely administered for muscular strains, joint pains, diabetes, digestion related problems, etc. Healthline rightly states that Ayurveda aims to preserve health and wellness by keeping the mind, body, and spirit in balance and preventing disease rather than treating it.

It is possible to combine your vacation along with the standard treatments for your ailments at international destinations like India and get yourself treated for overall health through ayurveda as part of your vacation. Treatments are found cost-effective in international destinations like India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, and Dubai. Platforms like Medditour can be of great use, when it comes to connecting with international hospitals and facilitators.


Meditation is mainly focused on achieving a calm mind. It helps to relax your mind. A calm and relaxed mind will be able to achieve a lot including health and well being.

Meditation is used as a practice to treat several anxiety disorders, high blood pressure, sleep disorders, and also helps in coming out of depression, if any. It relieves the stress and increases focus and attention.

In one of the articles in Times of India, it is said that meditation has its roots in ancient India, and it was used to improve the concentration levels of pupils in Vedic schools. It also adds that the early explorers mastered these skills and spread them to Imperial China and Japan.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapies are quite popular in countries like Thailand, Singapore, India, Malaysia, etc. These are used as techniques to relieve pain in various parts of the body and bring about a relaxation.

Different massage techniques are followed around different parts of the globe. Thai massages are the most popular ones. You can enjoy the adorable aromatic massages as part of your recovery and rehab after the surgery. This will help you bring about a stress relief.

Companies like Medditour can help you connecting with global hospitals and facilitators so that you can get treatments combined with vacation and rehab at the massage centers in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, India, etc.


Yoga is an ancient Indian method of healing. Yoga primarily deals with exercises and poses. The yoga exercises are to be learnt from a teacher and not be practiced by our own.

These yoga exercises, when practiced regularly acts as a preventive care for body and joint pains and obesity. Yoga not only relieves pain, but also stress, anxiety, and depression and keeps us happy.

There are other alternative medicines and treatments like acupuncture, homeopathy, Reiki, etc. which are being practiced in various parts of the world.

To conclude, every form of medicine has its own advantages and risks, which are to be thoroughly checked before deciding upon any form of treatment method.

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